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Who said food storage has to be ugly? Well obviously you aren’t going to store it in your front room or dining room, but you can always try to make it a little pretty. And I think the best way of doing it is with pretty labels. I guess the first question I have is do you store food? Yes, I know you probably have a kitchen full of everyday food. But do you have backup food for a raining day or when a disaster happens? And in case you didn’t know…a raining day will come. The best place to store food is a basement, where it is dark and cool. But if you don’t have a basement, under a bed or closet or behind furniture will work. I can attest to many times we have used our food storage. When my husband got laid off from his job from the financial disaster, our food storage became very handy! Who would of known. Here are a couple of other posts I’ve done on food storage.

And here are some websites with pretty labels:
PS–I got the white buckets from Walton Feed and some of the food. But I also buy from Costco like my sugar, white flour, rice.
PSS–I’ve got a lot of random projects going on this week so blogging going to be light…again.
PSSS–Yes, my husband did thankfully find another job.

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