Kid-Friendly and Fabulous

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Growing up in a home with eight siblings equals a home that is not always in the best condition. Have mercy on my mom! I can barely keep up my house with only two kids. So, it’s no surprise that my mom really didn’t put a lot of thought or money into decorating or maintaining our house. Because sooner or later, it will get destroyed. Now that my parents are empty-nesters (almost!), it’s fun to see a side of my mom that I never saw while growing up. A side of her that enjoys creating a beautiful home–inside and out. Now having my own home and my own kids, I don’t really want to wait until I’m an empty-nester to enjoy a fabulous home. But I don’t really need too. There are so many great furniture lines today that can take the bashing of kids. I really like how this family updated and renovated their home by making it kid-friendly but stylish. Great house and great ideas. The mom used outdoor fabric for all the kitchen chairs, rugs that hide dirt, dark paint in mudroom.

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