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My last healthy advice I’d like to share that I incorporate in my daily regimen is taking good fats.  Fat is your friend…as long as it’s the good kind of fat.  Essential fatty acids help with building healthy cells and crucial in hormone production.  It helps increase your energy and stamina.  Improves brain function.  Produces beautiful hair, skin and nails.  I like to use Udo’s Oil, which you can get at any health food store.  Udo’s has a combination of omega 3 and 6 and many other oils.  I like to drizzle it on my salads or put it in my morning shakes.  Or I just drink 2 tbsps a day to make sure I get my daily intake.

Coconut oil is one of those really good oils that you can use in your foods.  But I also love to use it topically.  After taking a shower, I rub coconut oil on my body.  Let it soak in before putting on clothes.  It makes my skin feel so soft and it helps get rid of those dry spots on the back of my arms.  Better than any expensive spa lotion.    

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