Healthy Blackberry Syrup for Pie or Pancakes

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Healthy Blackberry Syrup for Pies or Pancakes

If you follow me on Instagram (@darleenmeier), you might of saw pictures from our berry picking adventure.  We went on the perfect day!  The farm had so many different fruits to pick from, so we picked strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and peaches.  Yes!  True Georgia peaches!  We came at the end of strawberry season, and the beginning of blueberry season, so we didn’t get quite as many of the perfectly ripe strawberries and blueberries.  But we did for the blackberries and peaches.  This was the first time we had picked blackberries and it was one of my favorite berries to pick because you can pick from standing up, and they are easy to pick off the branch.  Once we got home, I realized we had pick more blackberries that our mouths could eat at a given time, so I flash washed them and froze them.   I called my mom up and asked her how I should process the blackberries and she fondly recalled an easy syrup recipe that my grandma actually use to make with blackberries and blueberries while my mother was growing up.  This berry syrup is so yummy and can be heat processed for canning or frozen or refrigerated.  Of course, I made one change to make the recipe more healthy.  The healthy blackberry syrup could be used for a pie dish, on top pancakes, vanilla ice cream, yogurt parfait…or like me, in my morning smoothie!

blackberry-syrup-basic-ingredients blackberries-syrup-pie-ingredients pecan-crust-no-bake-gluten-free blackberries-pie-cream-base pecan-crust-with-cream-cheese-filling blackberry-syrup- blackberry-syrup-pouring-in-pie blackberries-ontop-of-pie

Healthy Blackberry Syrup

4 cups of fresh, washed blackberries or blueberries

1/3 cup of SweetLeaf SugarLeaf (or 1 cup sugar)

Juice from 1 lemon

1 tsp arrowroot

Throw blackberries in a medium saucepan on medium heat on stove.  Stir in SweetLeaf SugarLeaf and lemon juice.  Continue to stir until blackberries start to breakdown.  Use a masher utensil to mash the blackberries.  Let the blackberry mixture come to a slow boil.  Add the arrowroot and stir until completely dissolved.  Take off heat.  Serve or store.


Healthy Blackberry Pie

1 pecan crust (put in fridge to harden crust)

1 no-bake cheesecake  (for this recipe I used 1 cup cane sugar instead of the Sweetleaf)

1-2 cups of healthy blackberry syrup

Fresh blackberries for garnishing

Make the pecan crust and form to a pie sheet.  Put in the fridge to harden the crust.  Make the cheesecake and pour over the crust and smooth out.  Then pour the healthy blackberry syrup.  Garnish and enjoy!

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