Happy Birthday Julene!

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Happy Birthday (yesterday) to my sister! Wow, I’m behind. Okay, Julene is the oldest of the Waite clan; and therefore has patience and strong motherly traits. She has four beautiful blonde-haired kids (two boys and two girls) and pregnant with her fifth. Her kids are very obedient, smart and sweet. She loves to clean. Well, I don’t know if she loves it, but everytime I talk to her on the phone she is cleaning! She actually fired her cleaner because she wasn’t cleaning up to her standards. I think this stems from being the oldest of a household of nine kids–and we were dirty. Julene has a gift of teaching. She actually is a teacher. She has very unique ways of teaching children (and it shows with her own kids). I call her frequently when I need new ideas. She puts on really fun kid birthday parties. Everytime I see her she makes me yummy salads–I go home and try to replicate what she does and it never comes out as good. She’s a huge fan of Harry Potter books. She was really sad that she couldn’t run the marathon with me and Christine. But we hope to do it again together. Love you Julene!

Julene prepping me….
Julene and her honey. Photo courtesy: Heather Gibb

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