Happy Birthday Jonathan!

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Happy Birthday to my older brother Jonathan! It was so fun talking to him today as he was working away at work. Hopefully I distracted him for a few. I think it’s finally hitting him that he is only getting older and those youthful days are quickly passing by. But he still looks young and he sure acts young (especially when he hangs out with my other brother Aaron). I love to see Jonathan interact with his four little daughters–he’s like a magnet to them and is such a good father. He is also a gentlemen and has always treated me like a lady. Yet another brother that has looked out for me. I also liked that he gave me advice about the guy’s point of view. I’m sure he’ll train his daughters well. He has a carefree spirit and just goes with the flow. He’s ambition, smart and open-minded. I love to see his reactions when you tell him something he didn’t know. He can play the piano really well. And he likes to go running with me, but I out beat him every time. I think it keeps him motivated.

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