Happy Birthday Aaron!

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Aaron is my older brother. Here’s some fun facts about him: he just finished medical school and is doing his residency in Tennessee. He’s an opthamologist. He is really smart. He used to live in Vegas with all the other family clan. I missed seeing them when I was down there. He’s married to a beautiful, amazing woman name Carolyn–they have two really cute daughters. He is super funny (can’t count the number of times I’ve laugh so hard I pee my pants), and children flock to him because he is so hilarious. When we were kids, we used to share a room together and would sing songs every night in bed. He was the only older brother who was always concerned about me, and would tell me he loved me even when we were teenagers. He was the family pet zookeeper–always introducing some animal to the family. He has a really cool saltwater fish tank. And he is athletically talented–good at any sports. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your surprise party!

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