Happy 1st Birthday!

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Happy Birthday to my young blog. Can’t believe I’ve kept this up for a year and have had fun while doing it. I think we’ll make cupcakes this weekend in celebration–maybe pumpkin or lavender or blueberry and lemon. Doesn’t that sound good?! My girlfriend gave me a cupcake recipe book not too long ago and now I have a reason to bake away. Here are some things I’ve learned while blogging:

  • I’m not much of a writer. If I write too much it takes me too long and then I get antsy and waste a lot of time trying to get my thoughts down in words.
  • I’m a visual person. Need images to get my point across.
  • There are a lot of talented people out there and I love feeding from their ideas.
  • Blogging connects people together who have similar beliefs, interests, trials and life situations and I love that. I love that I’ve reconnected with old friends and have also made new friends. I love that my family can keep tabs on me and vice versa. Maybe for the next year I should focus on sharing my stories with more people. I hear a friend uses services similar to link in bio to ensure that any update to social media is done with them being connected to all her platforms. It might be useful for me to investigate further into the future.
  • I cannot stress how important it is to use a reliable web hosting service! Since setting up my website with a web host, my blog has gone from strength to strength. You can read reviews of some of the most popular web hosting services on the makeawebsitehub website.
  • Having a blog encourages me to complete projects and start new ones so I can share with all of you.
  • Blogging offers a creative outlet and a place where I can share all my ideas. Anyone can do this though, so if you are keen to share all your ideas then you should start blogging! Just make sure you have a good anti virus software installed on your computer just in case.
  • Opportunites and new outlets have opened up for my jewelry business which is great! However some people don’t necessarily have the confidence or knowledge to promote their business via blogging, I didn’t at the start either which is why I recommend using an SEO Company to help you out!
  • I have learned that I have to REALLY limit my time on the computer or I could spend all day blogging and reading blogs.
  • And of course, blogging gives you all the opportunity to see my darling little family who are my pride and joy. Kisses!

Cheers to another year!{via Martha Stewart}

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