Halloween 2012

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I’m finally getting around to posting Halloween and can’t believe we are a week away from Thanksgiving!  Where does the time go?  We had a fun first Halloween while living in Atlanta.  One good thing is the temperature is not as cold as the northeast so not having to wear coats over costumes was definitley a plus.  The neighborhoods get really festive and have huge neighborhood Halloween launch parties with pizza and hot chocolate before the treat or treating begins.  The kids have so much energy and it’s funny to watch them act in their costume characters.  Here are my Halloweeners:

Stella was a 50s Girl.  I made the cute poodle skirt out of felt with a large black elastic, and Stella decorate the poodle with tiny fuzzy white balls and added a sequin ribbon for the leash.  White shirt, cat-eye glasses and scarf.  I got her saddle oxford shoes off ebay.

Lucas was a Jedi Knight aka Luke Skywalker.  Our family loves Star Wars and Lucas has become quite fond of the series. For his 6th birthday party he had a huge star wars party (still need to post his party details!), and had some Jedi Knight costume parts from his party.  We borrowed the actual costume from a friend.

Jackson is now at that age where he wants to do what HE wants to do, not what mommy wants.  So no convincing him to follow the Star Wars theme, instead he insisted that he wanted to be a Transformer. A trip to Target accomplished his costume.  What I loved is that he sure acted the part of a Transformer and sang the song the entire night.   

And for Chloe you can read more about her costume here.

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