Grandma’s Painting

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It’s arrived! That is my grandma’s painting. I’ve been waiting for the shipment of this painting since last summer. Okay, let me back track. My grandma was an artist and painted many landscape pictures throughout her life. When she died and after my grandpa was put into a nursing home, all their children got to divvy up my grandparents possessions. Then the items that were remaining, the grandchildren got to pick and choose what they wanted. Well, not surprising to me, I was failed to be informed of this great opportunity to get my hands on a few treasures that remind me of my grandparents. That’s because I live on the other side of the country, and coming from a big family, I tend to find out things the very last or am not informed at all until I hear it through the grapevine. That was the situation in this case, and of course I found out after everything was picked over. Anyway, I was a little annoyed–okay actually I was ticked! I called up my sisters and complained. Meanwhile, one of my sister told me that she really didn’t get much of anything and I shouldn’t complain, but then she proceeded to tell me she got her hands on grandma’s beautiful vintage doll lamps (side note to family: the ones that were in the pink room!), a large framed painting and continued to list eight other items. No, she would not give anything up. My mom felt bad so she told me that I could have one of grandma’s coveted lilac paintings, but not until after my mom dies. Well, that kind-of made me feel better–for second. I just wanted to have something to enjoy NOW. So, I begged and begged my mom to let me take one of her paintings that wasn’t framed and that was in storage. She obliged and told me that I could have it on loan. Anyway, it arrived in the mail today. And I’m so excited. I’m going to get it framed–not sure if I should do a border around it or what–but here it is and I love it.

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