Going Away Picnic

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Of course it’s sad to see a family who has lived here for quite some time to pick up their life and move somewhere else. But it’s a little different here on the East Coast. Like us, many families move out here to get a jump start on jobs, advance their careers, make themself known in their industry, hope to make their millions. You get the idea. But there is always that notion that the East Coast life is temporary. That you’ll only be out here for a couple of years, and then you’ll move back to the calm, slow pace life of the West Coast. At least that’s what my husband has been telling me for the last six years. And I know that’s what the husbands tell all my friends who are from the west. But then as year after year goes by, it seems that the chance of getting back to the West, where your family lives and life is cheaper, gets dimmer and dimmer. You seriously get sucked into this place! But when someone breaks the suction and finds a great opportunity, you get really excited for them. Almost jealous. And then you are sad to see them go, but still at the same time so excited for them–like the possibility can still happen to you.

Anyway, we said our goodbyes to the Evans who just moved to Arizona after living here for over eight years. I got to put together a picnic going away party for them. Simple. Bring your own picnic. We provided yummy layered cakes. We had fun facts about the Evans scattered all over the table and a book to write farewell notes to them. I went around and took pictures of friends for their memory.

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