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If you stop by my house in the later afternoon, don’t bother knocking on the door.  Come around back.  You’ll find me in my vegetable garden–picking food for dinner.  I’ve learned quite a few things about the garden this summer.  It’s still a science project to me.  A project that I am learning but also screwing up on.  This year I was more aware of my seeds. I tried to find organic, non-GMO’s or heirloom seeds.  It was quite hard.  My lettuce came out really bitter this year so I learned my soil was too acidic and needed to be more alkaline.  And tomatoes actually need a lot of babying.  Who knew.  But somehow vegetables are growing and it’s been quite gratifying. Although I am screwing up a little on the gardening and growing crops side of things, at least I’ve managed to make my garden look pretty by adding a Lyktstolpe. This has really given me a good range of lighting for when it gets to night time, not only so I can keep an eye on my plants but also so I can actually see where I’m going if I decide to have guests round and perhaps throw a little garden party! Anyways, as I said the ‘growing food’ situation is still a learning process so..

Got any gardening secrets?

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