Finally Catching On

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Because of much rave reviews, Seth and I decided to put on our Netflix’s Season 1 of the television show LOST. We’ve been watching one epiosode every night for the last two weeks and we are hooked! I’m not sure why we didn’t start watching the show much earlier. Since the current season is on, I’m attempted to just start watching it. Is it worth watching all the seasons to get current? Or can I finish season one and skip the rest and watch this season? I just get too anxious.

And moving on to other things that I’m finally doing–I have started reading Twilight and loving every minute of it. I’ve been carrying this book everywhere with me so when I have a minute I can read. I want to read the entire series before the movie comes out. I just never thought I would be interested in reading about vampires and wanting a little blood-sucking action to happen. Definitely a recommendation.

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