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I would like to feature a few of the vendors at the Tiny Treasure Boutique–all of their lovely pieces are handmade with tender care, and that’s what makes them so unique and different.

The first vendor I would like to feature is Disenio Studios. These are handmade books along with notecards. Many of the books are bonded with a Japanese stitch, and no one book is alike. A few posts ago I put together a book for a babyshower, which was made by Disenio Studios. Very cute and tailored just to my liking.

The next vendor is Plain Zane. These are fun, functional blankets that tie to a stroller, car seat or baby carrier. So, no fear of losing your blanket (especially on those jog strollers). But they aren’t only used to bundle your babe, they can also be used to cover up while nursing or as a changing pad. I now need to see if she’ll make me a blanket large enough for a double jog stroller!

And the last vendor is Mutze hats. These warm knitted hats will keep the frost away from your ears, your husband’s and your babe’s. She’s extended her line of must-have scarf hats to also baby booties, adult slippers and French berets (my favorite!).

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