Dried Pear Salad

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I pulled out my food dehydrator quite often this past summer.  When fruit is in season, I usually like to buy a big box for eating but also for canning, freezing, baking and dehydrating.  Since we’ve been in a transient state of living, my food dehydrator has been in storage since our days in Connecticut, but we bought a house this summer (more pictures to come) so it nice to see the old friend.  My three top favorite fruits to dehydrate are peaches, pears and bananas.  So yummy.  There are a lot of recipes you can use for dehydrated fruit.

My dehydrated pears and bananas from instagram
I like to throw in dehydrated fruit in salad especially pears and apples.  Here’s one of my favorite salad. Perfect for lunch!
Dried Pear Salad 
a hand full of arugula
sliced onions
chopped up bits of all-natural, preservative-free bacon
chopped pecans
half a hand full of dried pears 
Throw all the salad topping together in a large bowl.  I like to make my own dressings…it’s so much better than store-bought.  And to tell you the truth, I tend to just kind of throw it all in a small bowl too.  Not a lot of measuring going on.  But one helpful thing to remember when you are making your own dressing is that oil is two times more than vinegar.  

Sweet Balsamic Dressing
olive oil or avocado oil
balsamic vinegar
dried mustard
salt and pepper
Take a small bowl and pour a single serving size of your oil of choice.  Next pour balsamic vinegar about half of the oil amount.  Then add agave–about half the amount of the vinegar.  Adjust accordingly by taste (either adding more vinegar or agave).  Add a half a teaspoon of dried mustard. Then season with salt and pepper.  Enjoy!
Other fun recipes to use with dried fruit?
greek yogurt, dried fruit and a drizzle of agave
make-your-own granola with dried fruit, oats and agave
make-you-own trail mix with dried fruit and nuts
use it in sauce for meat dish
eat on it own!

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