Dance Recital

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Stella had her first dance recital this past weekend and I must say…my heart melt. She was such a little ballerina and really took her dancing seriously. Actually the dance teacher made her the leader of the other ballerinas in her class. So we were beaming. They danced to a segment of Wizard of Oz, and they were the little muchkins. There were other dancers in their routine who were Dorothy, the Good Witch, the Bad Witch etc. When the bad witch came on the stage all the muchkins ran off the stage except Stella got sidetracked into a corner by the bad witch and I could tell she got a little scared. She hesitated, but then finally ran passed the witch to the other little muchkins. For a second, I thought she was going to have a meltdown. But she performed like a true ballerina. (Sidenote: We did capture the performance all on video and of course I would post it, but our damn camcorder is having major issue. Seth spent two hours trying to upload it on our computer with no luck. We were so frustrated we almost threw it against the wall! Yet another new thing we have to buy.Urghh!)

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