Costume Boo-tique

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This year for Halloween, Stella is going to be Tinkerbell (very popular, I know.) Right now in her life she is really into all the Disney princesses. She asks me almost everyday if she can go play with Cinderella at her house (looks like a trip to Disneyland is in the near future). Today the conversation was about why did Cinderella’s mommy die, where was Cinderella’s mommy and why doesn’t Cinderella live with her mommy. As you can see, she’s very concerned about Cinderella. Anyway, I couldn’t find a Cinderella costume (okay, I didn’t try very hard and only went to one store), so she’s going to be Tinkerbell and she’s fine with that. So, I thought Lucas could be Peter Pan, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to find a costume for him in his toddler size. Then I was thinking he could be a lion because he LOVES lions. I saw this really cute lion costume at Babystyle that I’m thinking about popping over to get. Actually, Babystyle always has the best costumes for newborns and toddlers. Right now, they have a few on sale. I’m really considering this lion…

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