Coconut Cream Tropical Smoothie

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Coconut Cream Tropical Smoothie

Hello September! It is still so hot here in Georgia! We are still in the 90s with humidity, so it is still feeling like summertime. Since we are close to the Caribbean, the tropical fruits grown there get shipped to our local markets. The end of summer is when they are currently in season, pineapple and mango in particular. In the Caribbean end of August to September is when these fruits are in their summer seasonal peak. And Georgia peaches are just at the tail end of their season. So we have been enjoying these fruits the last couple weeks, and with the assistance of the Best Juicer, I have been making smoothies for an afternoon snack for my kids. It’s such a happy treat after a tough day at school!

When making smoothies, I love to add coconut cream because it makes the drink so thick and provides nutrients and healthy fats. I buy Trader Joes’s coconut cream . Coconut cream is different from coconut milk, although you can use coconut milk if that’s all you have in your pantry. Coconut milk is a liquid consistency whereas coconut cream is thick and rich. I like to keep my pantry well stocked with coconut cream. I use it for rice dishes, pies, dessert dishes. Or when I need a little sugar kick, I eat a spoonful of coconut cream, and it quits the craving. When you serve the smoothie, don’t forget to add a drink umbrella because everything just taste yummier with an umbrella in it. Also serve with a fun emoji cocktail napkin.

Coconut Cream Tropical Smoothie

10 ounces of water

1/2 banana

handful of freshly diced mangos

1 peach, sliced

handful of freshly diced pineapples

3 tablespoons of coconut cream


Add everything in a blender and blend until a thick, smooth consistency. Pour in glass. Top with small diced mangos, bananas, peaches and sprinkle with shredded unsweetened coconut.


1 tablespoon Chia Seeds

Agave or Stevia to make it sweeter

Freshly-squeezed orange juice (in place of water)

Vanilla Almondmilk (in place of water)




Some of the items used in this posts are courtesy of PopSugar Must Have Box

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