Cleansing: Dry Brushing and Cold Water Therapy

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Cleansing week continues, and I wanted to share a few things I include to take it a step further and enhance and recharge my body.  When you are detoxing and ridding your body of toxins, it’s not unusual to find yourself experiencing feelings or emotions that have actually stored and settled in your body.  You may notice your body opening up and de-stressing and moving into a mode of balance and ease.  For that I like to go the extra mile and include frequent warm baths with epsom salt and lavender oil while drinking a huge glass of water with a few drops of Slim & Sassy essential oils.  I also try and take a few yoga classes each week and make sure to get outside and go for a walk while taking deep breaths.  Think positive thoughts and give thanks for the good in my life.

A couple of other therapies I like to include while cleansing are dry brushing and cold water therapy.
Here are the benefits of dry brushing.  I do this right before I take my shower: 
And then I like to do cold water therapy.  So you end your warm shower with blast of cold water.  This stimulates full-body circulation, which adds to cleansing and revitalizing.  The health benefits are increase in metabolism, enhance immunity, stabilized blood pressure, improve skin circulation.  
Cold Water Therapy Instruction:
At the end of your shower, turn the cold temperature dial to the coldest setting that you can handle.  Just enough to shock a little.  Let the water fall on every part of your body including your face.  Continue for one minute on the cold water setting.  Turn it back to the water water setting for one minute then repeat to the cold water setting.  After wrap your body and hair in towels.  If you have the time, lay in your bed for 5 minutes and take deep slow breaths. 
These are just some another useful tips to help yourself feel great while cleansing. 

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