Cleanse and Eating Right

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I just finished a three-week cleanse to help jump start me on a healthy eating plan and ween me off sugar and other vices.  This summer and our recent move caused me to gain some unhealthy eating habits, and I was eager to lose weight and get back to packing my day with vegetables, greens and grains.  This cleanse, which I don’t even think it as a cleanse because I never felt starved, was a eye opener and allowed me to appreciate whole foods that are high nutritional value.  I ate fruit, vegetables and grains (quinoa, millet, brown rice) and beans.  Here are some other thoughts that I took from this experience:

  • drinking water–drinking good-quality water throughout the day is so important and helps so much in weight lost.  I drank almost 20 cups of water on this cleanse! That’s from morning to night.  Water helps to make you fill full and keeps your body hydrated.  I drank the water always 30 mins before I ate for easy digestion. 
  • daily deep breathing–every day I took long slow deep breaths throughout the day.  It helps to stay focus, relax and energize my cells
  • daily stretching–I did yoga and pilates three times a week and I was amazed how much deeper I could get in my stretch and I contribute some of that to the water
  • ending my day–I made an effort to end my day by reflecting on my thoughts and what had happened during the day.  Ways I could improve myself and be grateful for life.
  • getting sunshine everyday is very healthy and getting out in nature. 
  • using other sugar substitutes for a healthy alternative like raw agave syrup or maple syrup. 

Anyway, I’m one to do cleanses and detoxes.  I like to do them at least 3 times a year and am always up for new ones.  But I’m not so into the cleanses that make you starve.  I did a photo journal on the some of the recipes I made during the three-weeks.  Everything was so good.  Have you ever done a cleanse?

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