Chef Secrets

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I’m no chef, but I do like to cook good food for my family. As per Domino‘s “culinary boot camp” article, here’s a few chef secrets from the Culinary Institute of America:

  • Start with High heat–searing imparts taste, in everything from mushrooms to meat.
  • Shallots instead of onions–sweeter and less of a bit.
  • Ditch iodized salt–sea salt is delicate and tasty.
  • Blanch for color and flavor–boil vegetables for a minute in salted water, then throw in and ice bath, which halts the cooking process.
  • Dress salad–delicate greens use lemon and olive oil. Heavier lettuce use balsamic or mayo base. Always pour dressing into the bowl first, then throw greens and toss.

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