Challenging Yourself

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To strengthen my body and get back the muscle mass that I lost when I was pregnant, I’ve been trying to challenge my body by doing exercises that I’ve never done before.  I’ve still got those stubborn 10 lbs to lose, and I’m hoping that doing something new will shake my body up.  So I signed up for some classes at my gym and weekly I’ve been going to Pilates Reformer and TRX Suspension.  Pilates has been great because the moves make you focus on the “inner” stomach muscles while keeping your tailbone in and back a line.  It helps stabilize those deep muscle tissues that you didn’t know exist.  Perfect for post pregnancy.  TRX Suspension has been a great way to strengthen and tone without bulking up.  You use suspensions to work against your own body weight.  It’s tough.  One of the things I like is it helps with balance, which always gets out of whack when I get pregnant.  Hopefully I’ll start seeing results.

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