Capture My Baby

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Not to brag…but I really do have talented friends. And I LOVE to brag about them. I do think it makes me look cooler, and I, of course, enjoy being surrounded by their creativity.

Okay, so the other day my girlfriend Julie watched my kids. I came back a little after an hour, and she just mentioned to me how she snapped a few pictures of Jackson. But then she told me he didn’t really like it so she didn’t get a lot. “Oh, okay” I said…not thinking about it. Actually, I completely forgot about it when I got home. Many of you know how talented a photographer Julie is. Click here and here to see some of the pictures she’s taken of my family. Well she emailed me the pictures of the little photoshoot with Jackson, and I’ve been thinking about the pictures ever since with a big smile on my face. The first picture absolutely captures his “look”. This is the look he gives me everyday when he is just…happy and content. And Julie captured it. I’m so grateful because now I can hold on to it forever. Priceless.

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