Birth Story

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Honestly…I don’t have some amazing birth story. Wish I did.

No, all my deliveries (besides my first) have been scheduled, even down to the time. It really lessens the excitement of having a new baby. This is one of the reasons why we didn’t find out the sex of our third child. To be surprised.

Yes, I have C-sections. And I just had my fourth. Recovery has been worst than the other three. Pain. I thought number three C-section was painful. This one is much worse. But this is what I have to go through to have children. Not sure why, considering all my sisters and mother have child-bearing bodies.

After my first child I swore I’d never have another baby. Even to this day it was such a terrible experience for me. I tell people that it was the closest thing to death. I labored for 48 hours, pushed for 3.5 hours with no anesthesia and then it ended up in an emergency C-section. I can sympathize for women who have died during labor. Thank goodness I live during a time of modern medicine.

Of course the end result makes all the pain worth it. For that I am blessed. I feel so blessed to have my little Miss Chloe and my other three children. They make me so happy and bring so much joy into my life. But seriously…thank goodness we have decided to make this our last.

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