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The last three weeks have been a whirlwind of craziness–excitement, stress, sadness, happiness, tears, despair. Lots of bittersweet emotions. And I’ve been pulled away from my usual schedule so that’s why I’ve been absent.

I told you how Chloe was in the hospital for a week, then the next week after we prepped to get our home of 7 years on the market to sell. It wasn’t the best week because my kids were on spring break, so it was a little stressful but somehow I pulled it off. Then the following week after that we jetted off to the Virgin Islands for a little family time. It was a last-minute trip and we had a wonderful time but my Lucas was sick the entire trip so it put a slight dent in the vacation. Right when we got home my hubby and I have been non-stop house hunting but not in Connecticut. We are relocating to Atlanta, Georgia! For us, as we are moving from Connecticut, we won’t have to look into getting a l1a Visa, for example, so that’s one less thing to think about. For foreign internationals who were looking to work here would have to take this step. Anyway, we’re just so excited to make this big move!

I still haven’t been able to grasp the idea that we are moving down south. My hubby has already been planning which relocation companies to use. He showed me this website the other day and said they are going to ship our vehicles down south for us and he’s now contacting relocation companies to find the best price. Me, on the other hand, well I haven’t done anything. I don’t think I’ve even accepted the fact we’re moving yet. Until a month ago, I was pretty settled that we were planting our roots in Connecticut and was comfortable with the idea that my children were going to be raised here. We were even looking at homes to buy in the area, since we’ve outgrown our tiny 1600 sq foot home. My friend even told me to have a look at these William Pitt homes for sale as she lives in Connecticut and has used this real estate company before and now loves the home that she is in. I have to say, I love her home too, even though I’ve only been there a couple of times. There were a number of houses that we all seemed to like though. But this new job opportunity came up for my husband and we jumped at it. Never in a million years did I think I’d live in Georgia. It took us a while to decide on Georgia, too. For a while we were thinking about North Carolina with a different job offer, and took a gander on, but in the end, Georgia hooked us. We have made Connecticut our home for 10 years and love the area and the wonderful friends we have made. We call them our family. But everyone I’ve talked to tells me that I will love Atlanta. I will still have a city…just not New York City, which I will miss so much. And I will have the Florida beaches…not Cape Cod. DisneyWorld is not so far away. And I hear it’s very family-oriented. So, never say never. You just never know what life will bring you…or take you.

Moving to the Tri-State area? Our updated colonial house is a 45 min train ride from
New York City and would
make a lovely home for a small family, a couple or an individual.
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