6 Months

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My baby is six months! Here are some of his stats and milestones:

  • his stats are: 17 lbs 4 oz, 27″ long, 43 1/2 cm head
  • I just introduced solids, and he is slowly getting the eating food thing down. But seems to have no problem when he sits on my lap during dinnertime. There’s something about the food on mommy’s plate.
  • he can roll over really well from back to belly. He seems to get stuck on his belly.
  • he finally got sick for the first time a couple of weeks ago. No sickness during the entire winter months with school kids around and gym daycare! I thank breast milk for that.
  • he still loves his thumb and is now getting attached to a blankie
  • he has found his feet and loves to chew on them
  • he is a very mellow child and just goes with the flow
  • plop him in front of Stella and Lucas for some entertainment, and he is good to go for a while.

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