5 Best Day Hikes near Salt Lake City

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5 Best Day Hikes Near Salt Lake City

We just got back from our summer vacation to the West Coast, visiting family and friends and enjoying all the beauty the West offers. We always spend some time in Salt Lake City area visiting my husband’s family. Salt Lake City, and really Utah, is home to me. I grew up visiting Utah every summer as a child, where my grandparents and extended family lived. I went to college at the University of Utah and met my husband there. We began our life in Utah together and lived in Salt Lake City for five years before we moved to the East Coast. And every year, we go back to this beautiful place. Luckily my husband’s family loves the outdoors and are avid hikers and horse back riders. I’m so glad that they are, because I love hiking! Having the best hiking gear and tips are so important to me, and should be to anyone who’s getting into hikes. Nevertheless, when we spend a week in Salt Lake, we are sure to do a lot of hiking. I am always in awe of the beauty of the Wasatch Mountain range, which separates Salt Lake City from Park City. It’s quite magnificent!

We have hiked and camped so many different Utah trails and we always felt safe as we had got a gps that could be held in hand. But I wanted to share my favorite 5 best day hikes near Salt Lake City for those who might be visiting for a short period of time and don’t want to travel hours in the car. These 5 day hikes are close to Salt Lake City or just a short drive up the canyon and won’t take up an entire day. But really a great workout while seeing some gorgeous views. of the valley or mountain peaks.

5 Best Day Hikes Near Salt Lake City

  1. Bell Canyon: Trail head begins just at the beginning of Little Cottonwood Canyon. Great views of the Salt Lake Valley while also seeing Mt. Olympus. There is a waterfall and bell canyon reservoir.
  2. Albion Basin/Cecret Lake: Trail head begins at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon. This trail never gets old because the wildflowers are amazing and it’s easy for children to do. You hike to Cecret Lake and eat a picnic up there surrounded by beautiful mountain peaks.
  3. Donut Falls: This trail head is in Big Cottonwood Canyon. You hike to unique waterfall that gushes through donut-shaped holes in the mountain side. Great hike for kids.
  4. City Creek Canyon: Did you know there is hiking right in downtown Salt Lake? I know. It’s crazy. But I love how you can seriously park your car in downtown Salt Lake and walk up to the beginning of a trail head. I used to run and mountain bike City Creek Canyon almost every day when we lived in Salt Lake City. It’s beautiful and easily accessible and a great view of the Salt Lake Valley.
  5. Dog Lake: You can mountain bike to Dog Lake on the Mill Creek Canyon side. We use to do it every Saturday when we lived in Salt Lake City. Great workout! So maybe it’s just nostalgia of why I love this hike to Dog Lake. You can hike to it on the Big Cottonwood Canyon side. It’s moderately difficult, but the scenery is beautiful. My favorite is during the Fall. The leaves are amazing.

Honestly I could list so many more hikes near Salt Lake City. The list is numerous! So many good ones. But these are my favorite that don’t take very long to hike and to easily squeeze in on a quick trip to Salt Lake City.

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