2 Months

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Why is it when you are pregnant time slows down to an incredibly slow pace. Then once that baby is out, time whizzes by and all you want to do buckle it down and tell it to stop moving. Our Miss Chloe is two months and I feel like everytime I blink she is a little bit older. She’s been such a fun addition to our busy, crazy household. I love that I can plop her in the bouncy chair and she’ll just sit there and be so content and soak in her siblings’ laughter and loud voices. She loves to have them around. Here’s her stats:

-she is smiling and cooing
-she finally hit 10 lbs
-she seems to find her way into mommy & daddy’s bed every night at 2 am and loudly cries if she gets put back into her bassinet
-she STILL has her umblical cord on. We are working on it. It’s gross.
-she has another mom. It’s her big sister Stella (who is an awesome helper).
-refuses to take a bottle. not good for me. loves her mama’s milk
-loves the attention from her siblings

Chloe is wearing a Dwell Baby outfit and metallic moccasins from Freshly Picked (a gift from my fabulous girlfriend Ashley)

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