10 Weight Loss Workout Tips

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10 Weight Loss Workout Tips to Include in Your Daily Routine.

It’s a new year, which makes me motivated to shake things up in my diet and workout. I always ask myself…what do I want to change with my body? And the answer always seems to be lose weight! I eat pretty healthy and workout everyday. But I have definitely plateau this past year when it comes to my body, and I can’t seem to budge that stubborn 10-15 pounds that likes to sit on my love handles! Everyone has those stubborn areas of fat that are difficult to budge; particularly around the stomach area. So this year I turned to my fitness guru sister, Christine from Fit Mama of 6 to give me 10 weight loss workout tips that I can include in my daily routine to shake things up. Remember this post she did last year on stylish workout clothes? Through the years I have seen her body fluctuate from six pregnancies to her current skinny, but strong state. And I have to say that she definitely doing something right!

Christine’s favorite cross-training shoes are Nike Free Cross Compete

10 Weight Loss Workout Tips recommended by Christine from Fit Mama of 6

  1. Eat 30 mins right after waking up. As you age, your metabolism slows down. It’s important to keep your metabolism humming, or you will gain weight. Eat first thing in the morning to jump start your body and to start your metabolism. I like to eat a protein, carb and fat in first meal of the day. An example would be 1/2 cup of cooked oatmeal with 1/2 tbsp almond butter and a 1/2 scoop of whey protein. Overnight oats is a great meal to eat first thing in the morning.

2. Incorporate weights in your workout. Women have to embrace weight lifting. As women age, their metabolism goes down. But weight lifting will help to keep it humming. When eaten with a nutritional diet, lifting weights helps with the metabolism and muscle tone.

3. Along with #2, you don’t need to do hours of cardio to burn fat! Doing mass amount of cardio is a lie. For some reason it is in the women’s mind that cardio is the key to losing weight. I use to have that same mentality. But as I aged, my body was gaining weight. It wasn’t until I incorporated weight lifting into my workout and decreased my cardio did I see my body change to where I wanted it to be. I suggest on a normal workout day to do 15 minutes of cardio to start a nice sweat, then lift 45 minutes then end your workout with a steady state of 10 mins of cardio.

4. The best time to have fruit is right after your workout. Fruit helps to repair muscles, and muscles need fast digesting carbs. Put fruit in a shake, on top of oatmeal or cereal.

5. Eat six small meals a day. Small meals keeps your metabolism humming and working. I like to include protein in every meal, but protein is only a small fist-serve serving. Protein options are meats, poultry, eggs, whey protein. If you are having trouble with where to start when it comes to meal plans.

6. Buy spinach and dark leafy greens. Embrace them in your daily meals. They will keep your digestive system running smooth and consistent. Dark leafy greens should be incorporated in half of your meal plate.

7. Limit your salt! Salt retains water and will keep your body bloated. Use alternatives to salt like no-salt seasonings, fresh herbs, lemons, vinegar, garlic. Also, limit sugar intake. No sugar during the week. Treat yourself only once during one sitting at the end of the week and then the next day have the best, hardest workout of the week to burn those calories.

8. Bring supplements into your diet. A multi-vitamin, fish oil and CLA is what I take. These vitamins will keep your bones and teeth strong and help with your fat deposits. Vibe is my go-to liquid multi-vitamin that I love to drink all day long.

9. Drink water throughout the day. This is so so important for weight loss success. If you are feeling hungry, drink a big glass of water before eating. You may think you are hungry, but many times our body is just thirsty. You need to drink at least half your body weight.

10. Sleep is so important! Try and get 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Shut off electronics at least an hour before bed. This helps your body get into a natural rhythm of sleep pattern.

Thank you Christine for sharing 10 Weight Loss Workout Tips that women should include in their daily routine! Check out her website for meal plans and workout guides.


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