10 New Year’s Goals Everyone Needs to Make

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10 New Year's Goals to Make into Daily Habits, daily habit, new years goals resolution, ideas, new years motivations

10 New Year’s Goals Everyone Needs to Make

Hello 2017! I love the beginning of a new year because I get so motivated to make changes in my life and reflect on goods and bads of the past year. It’s a moment of a new chapter in life. At the beginning of each year, I always say to myself that I am going to stick with my goals all year long. Well, let’s face it. Life gets in the way and motivation gets distracted and slowly declines. But don’t get discourage if goals from last year got put on the back burner like many of mine from last year. A new year is here, and those goals can be revisited! I am sharing 10 New Year’s goals everyone needs to make in their life and apart of their daily habits. In the middle of 2016, I made some personal goals that I stuck with it most of the end of the year. Of course during the holidays, they were forgotten but I’m planning to reincorporate them back into my life and make them more of a habit than a goal to achieve. These are daily habits that I have found to make life happier and more fulfilling. These are a collection of goals, habits and thoughts that I’ve found from books I’ve read, podcasts I’ve listened too and friends and family’s advice. And these are goals that everyone can incorporate into their life this year! So, pick all or at least one or two.

10 New Year's Goals to Make into Daily Habits, daily habit, new years goals resolution, ideas, new years motivations

10 New Year’s Goals Everyone Needs to Make

  1. Early to Bed, Early to Rise. That’s right! This is something my parents and grandparents have told me over and over in my life. And I just have had a hard time sticking with it. Mom life! So much to do all the time. To tell you the truth, I’ve actually been forced to start following this goal. My children’s bus leaves the house at 6:55 am, so that has forced me to get up early. And as a result, I have had to go to bed much earlier than I use to. Becoming a morning person is actually really good because productivity in oneself is at a high in the morning hours.
  2. Pray or Mediate in the morning. After getting up in the morning, take a few minutes to pray or meditate. This is a great way for self-reflection. Asking yourself personal questions of how to be a better person, what changes to make to be a better person, how to improve, who to help. It’s good to find a quiet area in your home and take a few minutes for morning mediation.
  3. Avoid Social Media in the morning. Social media can fuel self-doubt, less self-esteem, and more anxiety. Don’t start off the day with those feelings! I used to get on my social media outlets first thing in the morning right after I checked my email, and that many times began my day on a negative note. Even if it’s simply to send an instagram direct message to someone, look through people’s stories or like posts, this can wait until later on in the day. Do your mediation first. Exercise. Eat a balanced breakfast. Do your morning routine then check your social media outlets. If something like wanting to get instagram followers keeps you up all night, you may find that with a bit of research, there may be an easier solution to achieving this goal. Your self-reflection will be on a much higher and positive note.

10 New Year's Goals to Make into Daily Habits, daily habit, new years goals resolution, ideas, new years motivations, 10 goals everyone needs to make

4. Read a book every month. This is so difficult for me, and I think I make this goal every year. But when I do get in a few months of good book reading, I feel more knowledgable, and it’s a good exercise for the brain. Joining a book club helps to achieve this goal and makes for more accountability.

5. Write in a Journal for five minutes every day. I highly suggest to go out and buy a cute notebook and pen to put by the side of your bed to make this goal more achievable. This has helped me to remember to write something down every day. Mostly I write quick sentences of what happened, funny things my children tell me, ideas I may have, quotes I like or recently read. This is great because it keeps thoughts and ideas in one place. I like to keep my journal near my bed because most of those ideas and thoughts happen right before I head to bed or right in the morning time when my mind is clear.

6. Do something scary every day. Famous quote from Eleanor Roosevelt: “Do one thing every day that scares you”. Which basically means, do something out of your comfort zone. Talk to a stranger. Apologize for something you did. Learn a new skill. Go on an adventure. This will make you more productive and push you to harness your creativity. And also be able to take on new and unexpected challenges.

7. Decide where you want to be in five years and then figure out how to be there in two years. Figuring this out is pretty tricky and it’s been something I’ve been reflecting on quite a bit but haven’t planned out. This could be a simple personal goal, financial goal or family goal. But it’s good to have something mapped out and a focus toward a long goal. This is one goal I am eager to attack this year.

I got this idea from a friend of mine because she was the one who told me about doing this. When she did it, she wanted to build her credit score up because she hadn’t had a credit card before so she didn’t have any credit history. She found some good credit cards for no credit and applied for the one she thought would be best for her and wanted to build her credit to the point she could get a good mortgage rate. 2 years later, she’s in a great position to get on the propert ladder!

8. Plan for Tomorrow. Before you head to bed, write down everything you want to complete for the next day. Your to-do list, goals, scheduling. This will help you stay accountable with your time and you will know what you expect for the next day’s scheduling.

9. Budget your Money. This is something that my husband and I have really taken serious the last year. We’ve sat down and created a family budget and have figured out all the expenses we have, where we need to cut back and where we can save. It’s been a huge undertaking but we are more aware of our monies and even our daily habits of spending and how we can improve.

10. Serve someone everyday. Showing love and kindness through service is a great way to help your local community and also brings happiness into your own life. During morning mediation, this is a great time to reflect on who may need service. You will be surprised what thoughts may come into your mind. This is definitely a goal I was doing for a while and then got distracted. I would love to make into a daily habit this year.

I hope you will consider some of these “10 New Year’s goals everyone needs to make” into your own life. I know these are ways to make for a happier person!

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